What a lovely visit

by Volker Weber


As we were heading out the door for walkies with Frau Brandlinger, Ute noticed something at our doorstep. A glass of Tiptree Strawberry, with a small letter. I immediately knew this had to be somebody who knows me well. I read the letter and checked my Arlo and saw that the conserve had been dropped off by a gentleman a mere ten minutes before I noticed it.

Luckily John had left his last name on the letter so I could look up his email address and I sent him a message expressing my disappointment that he had not rung the bell. Long story short, I met John and his lovely wife in their motor home the very night. So many stories to tell.

John explained it's a British thing of being polite and not intruding that kept him from ringing the bell. And I agree with him. If I weren't expecting a visitor I had never met in my life, it would have been an awkward situation.

The weird thing is that you seem to know me very well, while I don't know you at all. On the other hand it was so nice to connect with John and his wife, that I am glad we made it. Ground rule: do not surprise me at my door. We will find other places in Darmstadt to meet up.


Volker, thank you for your kind hospitality and for taking the time to allow us to meet you in person, something I never thought I'd get the chance to do...

And so now we have moved on and are enjoying our meal overlooking the Neckar, equipped with additional recommendations for our trip, courtesy of vowe (now correctly pronounced as vau-vey) the 'good mother' - as always.

Thanks again, John

John Ash, 2019-06-12

Thank you for visiting. In Mac Terminal you can type "say foe vay" :-)

Volker Weber, 2019-06-12

As a northern English person living in the south of England (Cambridge) this behaviour always surprises me. It's positively welcome for people to drop in on you at a reasonable time (e.g. not early or late in the day) up in the North! Friends and family of course, but even strangers are welcomed hospitably (generally...) with a cup of tea and a biscuit (or a beer/glass of wine if the hour is appropriate).
(this comment is written with a small amount of my tongue in my cheek).

Chris Lindley, 2019-06-14

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