Lisa reviews the Lenovo S940

by Volker Weber

I talked about this laptop when it was introduced. Oh, so pretty. And I was confused because Lenovo called it Yoga, but it did not bend over. At least for the US, Lenovo has decided to call it IdeaPad and not confuse the Yoga brand.

In short, it is a Lenovo Laptop Air. Very thin and light, no touch screen. I immediately noticed that Lisa already scratched the lid. Aluminium is a delicate material. My Yoga C930 is still pristine. I have used it a lot, but somehow treated it better than usual.

The S940 is clearly not a device for me. I want touch and I want pen. But for anybody who is looking for a MacBook Air alternative, that has a decent keyboard, this is it.


Pretty much a MB clone.
Unfortunately the touchpad seems about as big as the original (which is something I have lots of problems with when typing).
Even the keyboard has that butterfly look. Hope the Lenovo folks didn't imitate the original's problems, too ;)

Martin Dietze, 2019-06-19

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