Neato Botvac D7 Connected :: Let's get serious

by Volker Weber


This is what the belly of a new Neato Botvac D7 Connected should look like. Only it isn't new. I just have new stuff:


I gave the Botvac a thorough cleaning to make it look like a new machine and then replaced the spiral brush that picks up the dirt to be vacuumed into the bin.


These things wear out over time and you should replace them when they do. I wasn't really supposed to see that, but now that I have, I am pretty confident that I can make an older machine behave like a new one. All the parts that wear out can be replaced or cleaned.


The software is getting a bug fix, but honestly I haven't really had any serious issues. I did have to learn a floor plan twice since I had placed the dock into a corner where the bot would not recognize the room it was in. But I count this as user error.


Speaking of docks, Neato recommends that you buy additional docks if you have more than one floor to clean. Technically you can move the base from floor to floor, but it gets rather tedious. You only need one bot, since it can easily be picked up with one hand and then moved to a different floor. But I would recommend getting additional docks.


The cable that comes with the dock is rather long, but you can run a few turns on the back of the dock. The German cable is stiff and unwieldy. It's black and sticks straight out of the socket. I will try to find a short white cable with an angled plug that looks nicer on a white wall. Not quite easy since it has Mickey Mouse (C5) layout.

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something like Artikel-Nr.: S10 from kurze kabel website

Samuel Orsenne, 2019-06-27

Exactly. Just in white.

Volker Weber, 2019-06-27


Samuel Orsenne, 2019-06-27

Mindestens 30, maximal 70 cm.

Volker Weber, 2019-06-27

Müsste die Bürste vom Vorwerk VR300 nicht auch im D7 funktionieren?

Robert Glaser, 2019-06-30

Vielleicht. Allerdings sieht auf Bildern der Anschluss auf der Antriebsseite etwas anders aus? Warum sollte man wechseln?

Volker Weber, 2019-07-01

Ausprobiert, klappt nicht. Grund wäre gewesen: die Vorwerk-Bürste ist günstiger zu haben: 24,99.

Robert Glaser, 2019-07-09

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