Template Experience :: A HCL Digital Solutions Project

by Volker Weber


This project will deliver templates with new looks that will work on platforms from phone to tablet, web to Notes client.

HCL is doing all the right things. And look who is involved! Gab, Theo, Carl ...

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I have no need for these templates BUT they would be an amazing opportunity for HCL to show us some best practices and what can be achieved with the "new" domino of DQL and javascript.

The old OpenNTF competitions were similar. I never used any of the projects in their entirety but I was certainly inspired by seeing what could be done by the best in the business.

My whole business of providing niche SaaS solutions runs on Domino. We are still on 9 because we have no incentive to risk moving on. There are no inspiring examples for us to learn from and rework our products to benefit from 10 +

I really hope that HCL realises that this is about much more than templates.

My other plea is some documentation on them. In 1997 I came to Notes a self taught "developer". It took me several years to realise that learning from the mail template was not the wisest choice :-)

Sean Cull, 2019-06-29

I don't know how anyone would conclude that "HCL" would possibly think this is only about templates. But templates matter. And modernized templates matter. Part of the bundling that has provided so much of Domino's value is found in the principle and practice of the .ntf file.

It needs expansion into Node.js/JavaScript world for sure and that is a challenge we need to meet. There is for sure low/no-code work going on independently though.

So we're on the move, which *should* make a difference in people's outlook but there are always early and late adopters, with the late ones coming along once technologies are proven valuable. And that's on us at HCL to provide.

So stay tuned .. it's gonna be a ride.

John Curtis, 2019-06-30

Templates are a great way to demonstrate the possibilities on a platform, within reach of any cusomer (direct usage or code)

Patrick kwinten, 2019-07-01

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