This is why everybody seems to be triggered all the time

by Volker Weber

My hypothesis: these algorithms — driven by the all-consuming need for engagement in order to sell ads — are part of what’s destroying western liberal democracy, and my app will not contribute to that.

Brent makes a very good point. Algorithms used by Facebook and Twitter fan the flames of anger and enragement because they drive engagement. Which makes us worse people. It is a bug in our very human nature that is exploited here.

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This level of confrontation doesn't occur in day to day interactions between people in real life.

In the UK Newspapers (more of a naming custom than a literal description) like The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Express and the Telegraph are little more than political propaganda for their wealthy owners. Look at their front pages and you'll see naked attempts to undermine our justice system, our politics and the fabric of our society.

It's up to people, I think, to either consciously manage their expose to social media or turn it off until the platforms behave more responsibly.

Jason Hook, 2019-07-09

Yes, your press landscape is frightening. I scan the headlines but I never read them.

Volker Weber, 2019-07-09

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