Gadget Reviewers vs Regular People

by Volker Weber

Marques is the best. But he falls into the same trap we all do. While gadget reviewers can obsess about notches, bezels and aspect ratios, most people don't care. They will even watch widescreen video on a tall screen. Heck, they record vertical video which they watch on TVs with lots of space at the side.

Unfortunately the current fashion of bezel-less phones comes with major downsides. You can't put dual front facing speakers for great stereo sound next to the screen, the sensors have to look through the screen, and it is very hard to hold these devices without dropping them on your face when you are laying down. Don't get me started on curved glass.


So agree.

I like big bezels, I cannot lie.

Of course, I have big hands and bezels help me gripping while not activating things.
Overall, I'd prefer durability, bezels, and batteries over razor thin.

But clearly, I am not the target market for the flagships.

Craig Wiseman, 2019-07-15

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