Charles Fitzgerald :: A Very Cold Take on IBM, Red Hat and Their Hybrid Cloud Hyperbole

by Volker Weber

IBM says (over and over again) buying Red Hat “changes everything about the cloud market” and means “IBM will become the world’s #1 hybrid cloud provider”. Those are bold claims from a company that has failed to deliver on every big promise it has made in the 21st century. The IBM-Red Hat deal hinges on the notion of “hybrid cloud”. Unfortunately, that term was already a muddled miasma of marketing even before it got the IBM bear hug (they’re now calling it “next-generation hybrid multicloud” because they love that word salad).

There has been little scrutiny of the mechanism by which this combination vaults them from mutual irrelevance to game-changing dominance in the cloud, what they even mean by hybrid cloud, how that relates to the actual seismic shift of computing to the public cloud, and the applicability of their respective and combined product portfolios. Never mind the crazy price tag.

Brilliant. And sad. Read the whole thing.

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Made my day, thx for link.

Michael Schnatman, 2019-07-19

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