ThinkPad X1 Yoga :: A video review

by Volker Weber

I am still at awe of the new ThinkPad X1 Yoga and use it day in and day out. This review told me one thing I did not know: With this generation the Yoga is as small as the Carbon. In previous generations you would always take a size hit, when you opted for the Yoga model. This time around I don't see much of a reason to not get the pen, the digitizer and the 360 hinge, besides the price obviously.

When you order one, you have to decide which display you want. Privacy guard for those often working in public spaces on sensitive material, low power HD to maximize battery, and 4k for the best image. RAM is soldered on, so choose between 8 and 16 GB. SSD can be swapped by he user later. If you need more RAM, you will have to go with a workhorse like the T490. And if you need more power than a 15W ultrabook CPU, Lenovo has you covered as well with 45W machines.


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