HCL really wants your Notes or Connections business

by Volker Weber

Gabriella writes:

Here’s something I found out from HCL recently that I don’t think is widely known and is really good news for anyone who has let their licenses lapse. Previously if you chose not to renew IBM would require a penalty payment (usually equal to 2.5x what would have been your annual subscription) to re-establish your licenses. That meant once lapsed it became prohibitively expensive to start up again.

HCL does not want penalty payments. If you have let your licenses lapse you can re-activate them by paying the last subscription price you paid plus any % annual increases since then. Basically paying just the current annual renewal price even if you didn’t renew 3 year’s ago.

More interesting stuff, like the presentations to the latest factory tour in her article.

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This is interesting, and welcome. However, I think with the current perceived Xpages stability issues in 10, many customers have enough of an investment in that technology to make an upgrade past 9 not feasible. That's a shame, because there are some other good improvements in 10.

Mike McPoyle, 2019-08-27

More than 25% price increase for new HCL Notes Collaboration Express licenses in Germany!?
Do not expect a press release.

Henning Heinz, 2019-09-05

@Henning: As a HCL Business Partner I can NOT confirm this, I sell these licenses at almost the same price as in IBM times!

Stefan Lage, 2019-09-05

thank you for your comment. I have not yet received an official quote, just an informal warning that it will become significantly more expensive (mentioning a concrete number I did not like). Good to read that this might be an error.
If I spread fake news I have to apologize.

Henning Heinz, 2019-09-05

We have the same experience as Stefan, we are also business partners of HCL, and have sold renewals and new licenses.

Andreas Ponte, 2019-09-05

As a HCL Business Partner i can comfirm this price for an actual customer quote. Tried to get a correct quote since 4 weeks now. Will hope that this will not the way to get customer quotes...

Marcus Prell, 2019-09-05

As a BP, what we see is:
Renewal of Domino License:
Price stay the same + incremental anual margin (<3%).

Dominique Perarnadu, 2019-09-10

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