This is what success looks like :: Diabetes in remission

by Volker Weber


Three months ago I stopped taking all meds that I took for two years battling my Diabetes. Today I got the results from my blood sample and they look very good. HbA1c is the key indicator since it tells you the long term blood sugar levels.

Only if you know this disease you will be able to understand how happy (and proud of myself) I am. There IS a better way. You don't have to slide into ever more medication and finally Insulin. Type 2 is reversible if you solve the root cause: the food you have been eating is bad for you.

Now excuse me while I do my happy dance.




Kieren Johnson, 2019-08-27

Großartig, richtig super! Freut mich für Dich!

Thomas Lang, 2019-08-27

Einfach nur beeindruckend. Super! 👍

Frank Köhler, 2019-08-27

Super! Toll!

Adalbert Duda, 2019-08-27

Way to go!

Ingo Seifert, 2019-08-27

Volker, you are an inspiration in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.
Best regards,


Eric Mack, 2019-08-27

Fantastisch, da kann ich nur den Hut ziehen. Keep it coming...

Armin Auth, 2019-08-27

Once again, congrats!

Mike Hartmann, 2019-08-28

Thank you for inspiring so many. It's very much appreciated.

Bruce Elgort, 2019-08-28

Well done, congratulations!

Hans Bornich, 2019-08-29

Ich freue mich sehr für Dich!!! Dance on! Und es war Deine Leistung (mit ein wenig Frau B. :-] ) !

Ahmad Masrieh, 2019-08-30

this is such great news.

Ed Brill, 2019-09-03

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