A few thoughts on iOS 13.1

by Volker Weber


A few days ago Apple surprised testers with iOS 13.1 Developer Beta 1. Many thought this was just a typo for iOS 13.0 Developer Beta 9, but it wasn't. Instead, Apple has integrated all the unfinished features that had previously been dropped from 13.0 back into a fork.

And everybody who was so eager to get their hands on the new O/S, is back at square one of the beta testing process.

Here is what I think will happen:

  1. Within two weeks, Apple will announce new iPhones and ship them with iOS 13.0 ten days later, quickly followed by one or two minor releases (13.0.1 and 13.0.2)
  2. iOS 13.1 development will continue well into October and may find a release on a new crop of iPad Pro towards the end of that month, at which point the new iPhones gain the features left out of 13.0.

What was supposed to be the original 13.0 simply isn't done yet. Apple needs to release parts of it, because the new iPhones depend on iOS 13. They won't be supported by iOS 12. And Apple cannot afford to delay the new iPhones.

My only open question is whether Apple will release 13.0 to existing devices or hold off until 13.1 is ready. Since the public beta was also moved to the 13.1 branch, I am betting on the latter.

But what do I know?


Do I smell an #AlexWarning? (Just typing this from my brandnew iPad Pro, which I could return and wait till October)

Alexander Kluge, 2019-09-02

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