Android Updates in August 2019

by Volker Weber

Annotation 2019-09-01 170046

Samsung has been the first OEM to update their phones. Their process is now top-notch. When Android 10 comes out next month, we will see how their schedule is for major upgrades. BlackBerry lost it again, and Huawei always seem to be at least a month behind. Redmi was lucky, as they updated from May to August.


Mein Mate 10 Pro hat zumindest EMUI 9.1 bekommen (über die HiSuite). Android-Patch ist glaube ich immer noch Juli wie bei dir.

Thomas Cloer, 2019-09-03

Although my Samsung A5 (2017) remains at Android 8, it is still receiving monthly updates. so also on 08/2019

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2019-09-03

Das KEY2 hat heute das September Update bekommen. Jetzt waren sie einmal wieder pünktlich, nachdem der August ausgelassen wurde...

Ralph Hammann, 2019-09-27

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