Domino V11 :: Your questions answered

by Volker Weber

Q: Are you still "working" on the XPages roadmap? Beside "supported", can we hope for some improvements or are you more working on a "migration" strategy?
A: XPages is a complex environment. So, there is no single answer to the many apps based on XPages. Yes, it is fully supported for the foreseeable future, and we are working on a recommended path. Stay tuned for more information.

This Q&A is extremely valuable for Notes/Domino customers. Most answers are really straightforward, especially when they say "yes, already done" or "go here". Others are more windy, and my experience in this industry tells me that this is where you need to read between the lines. One of the things I do is simplify those anwers. Example: if you ask "will you do this" and the answers is anything but a straight "yes", then the answer is "maybe, but eventually no".

IBM made some expensive mistakes, like building a client on top of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, or moving the Sametime server to Websphere, or salvaging some parts of the failed Workplace project into Domino, or hacking Connections together from a list of ten existing parts. HCL will correct these mistakes, one by one, since they are determined to build a future proof product, that just does not milk more money out of an existing customer base. And that means you cannot hold onto them forever. Identify those areas in your customer deployment and get ready to move on. They will show you a path, but you will need to move, eventually.

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