The Future Of Aging :: A look at the science

by Volker Weber

There’s a recent wave of research looking at the role that caloric restrictions play in promoting longevity. This consists of reducing overall caloric intake with a carefully maintained diet to avoid malnutrition.

Such efforts have proven to dramatically increase lifespans in rodents and nematode worms in past laboratory studies. Studies have also shown that it can prevent or delay age-related diseases from manifesting — a key example being cancer.

Did you notice that really old people are always thin?

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Da gab es mal eine spannende Reportage auf arte zum Zusammenhang von Fasten und Gesundheit. Hieß glaube ich "Fasten und Heilen" und die Geschichte begann irgendwann in den 50ern in einer Psychiatrie in Russland.

Timm Caspari, 2019-09-08

Stichwort für ein neues Rabbit Hole: Blue Zones.

Dirk Moeller, 2019-09-08

A 2019 preprint study by Saul Justin Newman identified an alternative correlation between the number of claimed centenarians and a lack of birth certificates in that region, and posits that "fraud and error" play a primary role in the designation of Blue Zones.[21]

Volker Weber, 2019-09-08

If you get really old, you will fow thin because you eat less and less... :)

none the less, eating less is healthy

Johannes Matzke, 2019-09-08

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