A few thoughts on the Apple keynote

by Volker Weber

Did you notice that I did not do my usual commentary yesterday? I wrote a little piece with the title "just the facts". The difference was that I wrote it while it happened, not after giving it some thought. The reason was simple. Apple changed the tune. Instead of focussing on one big thing, the iPhone, their most important product, they announced across the line, even a new iPad, a somewhat minor upgrade, was fair game.

That is actually a big shift. And it became apparent when Tim Cook immediately went into details, instead of giving his State of the Apple address, which usually eases you into the event.

Why is it significant? Apple builds out their services business. Where you would previousy subscribe to Apple Music (and probably Netflix), Apple is now giving you the opportunity to spend another $5 each month for Apple Arcade, and another $5 a month for TV+. Of course they are giving TV+ away with new devices. It's only just starting and won't have a large catalog from the get go.

Let's dive into the products, because that is what you are interested in. There weren't any new products, like "never seen before", and you would be mistaken if you would expect them in this format. If Apple does something completely new, it is going to happen in its very own event. If they ever come out with AR glasses, this will be an event about AR glasses, and nothing else. Apple is executing from a dominant position here. Very different.

Yesterday's title was a reference to Apple speak "the best iPhone ever". Andreas got it.


I ordered the Series 5 update, although I just bought the Series 4 last year. The always on option is a big improvement in my opinion and I am pretty confident that I can sell my Series 4 at a decent price.

Note that I came to Series 4 from Series 0, so I'm normally pretty patient with those updates.

Dirk Olbertz, 2019-09-11

I have an 8 Plus and would be ok to keep it for longer were it not for the diminished battery and that the charging port does not work anymore.

While I would love the 11 Pro Xs Max R2D2 Ultimate 6200 for its larger screen and the camera I will now get the XR as it is half the price. I will also trade in my old phone. Did not see that option before.

Will also upgrade my Watch 4 if there is a new one with a battery that last through one day and night, so that I can do sleep tracking and don’t need to babysit the battery.

Mariano Kamp, 2019-09-11

Sleep tracking is b/s. But if you really want to, charge the watch during your morning and evening routine.

Volker Weber, 2019-09-11

That’s what I do, but it is a conscious effort that I need to plan for. Not necessary with a Fenix.

Which part is BS? The tracking sensors, the science or the importance of sleep?

Mariano Kamp, 2019-09-11

Great Apple keynote indeed - I am very satisfied with the outcome as it means I don't have to upgrade from my X :) I am perfectly happy with it, it was the right move to not buy the 7 or 8 and wait for some real innovation. The X was a game changer for me with its large (enough) display in a very compact body. Much better than the too small 7/8 or the too big Plus models. Camera and performance are great, I don't need more.

Jochen Kattoll, 2019-09-11

Sleep is important and sleep trackers don't help you sleep. What does help is going to bed early and removing your phone from the bedroom.

Volker Weber, 2019-09-11

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