HCL AppDev Pack version 1.0.2 for Domino

by Volker Weber

The AppDev Pack is an add-on for HCL Domino that lets users connect Domino applications with Node.js projects and create new applications that span both worlds.

HCL is pleased to announce that on August 28, 2019, AppDev Pack 1.0.2 for HCL Domino is released for general availability.

Is anybody building Domino apps with Node?

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We do.

Dominique Perarnadu, 2019-09-12

The interesting nugget of the DevPack: it uses the gRPC protocol (https://grpc.io/) instead of its native nrpc or https. gRPC was devised by Google using protocol buffers and lives under the auspices of the Cloud Native Foundation. This points towards the general intention to use more open standards with Domino.

Stephan Wissel, 2019-09-12

We do.

Heiko Voigt, 2019-09-12

We are starting to!

Ursus Schneider, 2019-09-12

We also do. Made a dynamic connection between Domino and MySQL with it. Next will be the redesign of our UI with Vue.js.

But still don't know where to get AppDev Pack 1.0.2. There is no more a PartnerWorld Software Download under HCL?


Pierre Lalonde, 2019-09-12

What it actually means "building Domino apps with Node" technically? Is AppDev Pack just connector to Domino (database) so application must be developed outside of Domino using nodejs and connects to Domino as database system? One can then use any node.js based web framework and use Domino as database backend similarly as SQL or MongoDB is being used in nodejs web apps?

David Marko, 2019-09-12

As far as I understand that is exactly what is happening.

Volker Weber, 2019-09-12

@David Marko, we use it (AppDev Pack) to help us deliver faster, using node.js modules (npm) and also to facilitate recruiting of developers that have no idea what is Domino and Lotusscript.

Pierre Lalonde, 2019-09-12

Pierre, start here: http://bit.ly/2kJGZ9k

Volker Weber, 2019-09-12

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