ThinkPad Yoga X1, Plantronics 5200 UC, iPhone, O365, Appy Text, ruff #StuffThatWorks

by Volker Weber


I don't do much project work anymore since Frau Brandlinger pressures me to work out of my home office. When I do, it's usually a task akin to "put out a raging fire". Over the last eight calendar days, I put in ten days of work. No weekend, no spare time. Just sleep & walk & work. Work while walking even. That's where I am most productive.

But when I sit down, I have no time for compromises. I just rely on the tools that are at the top of their game.

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And how do you work while walking? Voice memos?
Or was the meaning that walking supports your thought process?

Manfred Wiktorin, 2019-09-26

I can relate to the Plantronics with one exception: My ears don't fit that good and I have a small pressure point which hurts at the end of the battery life.

Torben Volkmann, 2019-09-26

Walking helps me develop new and original thoughts.

Volker Weber, 2019-09-26

Thanks for pointing out ruff, instant buy.

Haiko Hebig, 2019-09-28

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