Here we go again #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber


My September Challenge was tough. 2640 Exercise minutes in 30 days. This looked impossible at the beginning of the month, but I rose to the occasion. 100 minutes a day, on average and I finished 4 days early.

I had not received a Longest Move Streak in a while. I always made it past a full year, but never to 500. Working on my 1750 Move Goals now. Which is still six months away.



Wow, go you. 100 minutes a day is a huge number. Well done. And congrats on a 500 Move Streak. That's a testimony to great health over the past year and half. Nice.

Michael Sampson, 2019-09-27

Wow, congrats. I need 100 minutes of training a day to complete, and I’m still struggling. But getting there on Sunday, I hope.

Friedrich Holstein, 2019-09-27

My Challenge is 3780 Minutes for September. Won't make it as I am currently just at 2924...

Christian Gut, 2019-09-27

Wow - 100 minutes per day is huge. I am still on 30 minutes, but I just started in August. Will it propose to adapt my goals automatically?

An issue I have recently is that my workouts are stopped without my intervention - could be because it was raining and my wet sleeve activated the screen. Did anyone experience this already? Any suggestions how to avoid this?


Tom Weeghmans, 2019-09-27

No, that was a monthly challenge, not a new Exercise goal. It will always be 30 minutes every day. But you will get these challenges, and they are always a bit above previous performances.

You can lock the screen of Apple Watch using the Water Lock feature. Add this to your control center.

Volker Weber, 2019-09-27

That made my day Volker! Vielen dank!

Tom Weeghmans, 2019-09-27

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