Do you like curved screens?

by Volker Weber

I want my bezels.


I am in between. I like it to an extent like the current Samsung S are having. Waterfall style, to me, is insane, like TA is pointing out.

The real 'loss' happens a lot earlier: When screens go from *really flat* to a little round (5s to 6) - then you loose the ability to apply easy and working screen protection solutions, like simple, flat glass.

As I personally can not stand any of the screen protection solutions anyway but like the ability to apply a heavy case when needed (and a loved, light Pitaka one for the rest), I am fine with Samsung's 'littpe curved' design.

Thick bezels I do not need at all.

Hubert Stettner, 2019-09-29

Less is more. I would tediously do what I can to work around those, personally. I always have my 'bumper' case and it paid off so much over the years I avoided 2-3 certain death experiences for my phone I am certain.
But then, Pixel 2/ 3 here for the family, for Google Fi and the 'naked' Android on it.

Alexander Koch, 2019-09-29

I agree.

Phone makers are all over getting rid of the bezel because it's hard and shows they have skilz (like curvy corners in web tables).

What's the first thing most folks do? Buy cases that give them nice grippy bezel-replacements.

Craig Wiseman, 2019-09-30

I‘m ok losing them on mobile phones that fit in a hand. But I do want them on tablets where I need area to grab it without getting into the picture.

Martin Hiegl, 2019-10-01

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