New in OneDrive :: OCR scanned docs, differential sync, personal vault

by Volker Weber

Three interesting new features in OneDrive:

  1. The OneDrive mobile app allows you to to digitize content, while on the go. With the built-in scanning capabilities , you can easily scan documents, whiteboards , business cards etc. along with converting them to an easy-to-read PDF format. All scans taken from an iOS device (11.1.5 or later) are now available for optical character recognition. To use this capability, open the PDF, tap the magnifying glass icon on the top bar, and enter the words you'd like to search for.
  2. Differential sync brings the ability to sync only the parts of large files that have changed, not the entire file. This makes the file synchronization process faster for these files. It also reduces the time taken to upload and download a file as well as consumed bandwidth. This month we are rolling out the ability to leverage differential sync to all file types - JPEG, PDF,MOV,MP4 etc., stored in OneDrive and SharePoint. Differential sync is already available for Office file types.
  3. OneDrive Personal Vault - a protected area in OneDrive that gives you an added layer of protection for your most important files, photos, and videos—for example, copies of documents such as your passport, driver’s license, or insurance information—should someone gain access to your account or device. And you can quickly access all on your PC,, or your mobile device.

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And still no usable photo management in the mobile apps. The „Photos“ tab shows ALL images stored in OneDrive. No option to only show content from pictures folder like in the web version.

Ralph Inselsbacher, 2019-10-01

@Ralph - don´t know what you mean. You can go via Files tab to the Pictures Folder and if you have folders below you can see the pictures in the subfolders that way. The Photos tab on the navigation gives you the dummy view into a flat picture structure, but you can also view pictures as you have organized them.

Armin Auth, 2019-10-02

@Armin - my OneDrive folder contains many folders with *images* like book covers from Calibre, graphics from archived websites, assets from coding projects, etc.

My *photos* are organized in the dedicated photos folder. The -Photos tab/section- in the mobile OneDrive app shows an unwanted mix of *photos* and *images* from all over OneDrive.

The -Photos tab/section- in OneDrive web has a setting to display stuff from all folders or from photos folder only.

The latter is completely missing from the mobile apps and makes photo management useless. It seems the developers simply forgot about this and couldn't care less to make the -Photos tab/section- behave the same on web and mobile.

Ralph Inselsbacher, 2019-10-02

This feature is planned for iOS.

Volker Weber, 2019-10-02

The „idea“ was posted in November 2015. In July 2019 it’s still „IN THE PLANS“. So much for that.

Ralph Inselsbacher, 2019-10-02

No. It is the plans since July 2019.

And you are mistaken by dismissing it as "useless". I have a large 5 digit number of photos and find it quite useful.

Volker Weber, 2019-10-02

As soon as the mobile apps work as they should, I’ll use it as well - I already pay for it anyway.

But as long as I see book covers and screenshots, etc. from non photo folders in “Photos” it’s useless for me.

Ralph Inselsbacher, 2019-10-02

I think we got your message.

Volker Weber, 2019-10-02

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