Innovations in voice, digital ink, and touch :: Microsoft 365

by Volker Weber

We spoke with researchers, reporters, lawyers, and teachers, and learned that people spend a ton of time recording audio interviews on their phone, and then spend even more time transcribing those conversations into Word.

Today, we’re announcing a solution that helps busy professionals upload their own audio files or record new ones on the fly, all within Word. Once your audio has been uploaded or recorded, Word—leveraging your OneDrive account to securely store the audio files and Azure Speech Services under the hood—displays a written audio transcription in the side panel and allows you to quickly and easily bring relevant snippets or the entire transcript into your document to edit. The transcript itself is automatically separated by speaker and into relevant chunks of content, and the interactive panel allows you to easily jump around the recording to find and verify the perfect quote.


To be delivered in the first half of next year. Man, this would have saved me hours of work. And that's not all.

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Sounds like a great idea. I think the Office 365 subscription is a great bargain. Now we need to see the increment in the pricing for this service...

John Keys, 2019-10-03

What we currently see in Spech-to-Text in Microsoft Office 365 is underwhelming.

Sven Richert, 2019-10-04

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