Microsoft has out-designed Apple

by Volker Weber

Photo: Microsoft

In my not so humble opinion, Microsoft has outdone Apple with the design of their Surface Laptop. It's much cleaner and more functional than a MacBook Pro, at the same time. Now available in two sizes and four colors, with and without Alcantara fabric, full aluminium unibody design, both USB-A and USB-C. Let's not forget a touch screen with pen support and scissor-switch keyboards. Fantastic machines.

You can spare me the details how you are unable to use Windows 10. You have my sympathies. ;-)

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While I would't consider it (since it runs Windows) just out of interest: how is the trackpad? Have they been able to implement proper palm rejection? That's the one thing that really me off about my MBP.

Martin Dietze, 2019-10-04

Yes, the Microsoft Precision Trackpad is fantastic.

Volker Weber, 2019-10-04

I didn‘t have a need for a private laptop for myself, since I have a ThinkPad with Windows from my employer (where I don‘t have any personal, non-work related applications installed) and my wife‘s privately-owned MacBook Pro (2014). The only function that I can‘t support with that setup is the switch management tool of my Netgear switch, but so far that hasn‘t bothered me enough to spend the money on a new computer. This does look really tempting now... I would still need to look for a few more use cases and chances are, the Surface Neo is a better fit for me than a full laptop. Tempting, tempting...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2019-10-04

If only it could run MacOS...

Andy Mell, 2019-10-04

Looks like you did not read the full article.

Volker Weber, 2019-10-04

I see the machine as the result of a change of attitude. Once the razor-blur™ focus on “Squash the competition” of the Ballmer Ära was gone, the huge talent inside Microsoft seems unleashed. In result we enjoy their products that users actually want: Azure, VS-Code, Surface, Office stuff (e.g transcripts).

Seems to me they fully (re)connected to Peter Drucker’s Definition of Company: A company’s purpose is to create customers

Stephan Wissel, 2019-10-04

Very tasty marketing material. MS has learned a lot in the years.

Frank Quednau, 2019-10-04

Stephan, Ballmer wanted to win. Nadella wants the customer to win, which in turn makes Microsoft a winner.

Johannes, not even close. Go to and take a look. Notice how Apple needs to write Macbook Pro underneath the screen, Samsung-style? How it needs a cutout so you can open the screen? How the profile is completely different? Find the speaker grills ...

And then go beyond. Touch, pen, removable SSDs, magnetic charger connection, quick charge, Ryzen/Radeon, the list goes on and on. Design is more than "looks 95% ...".

Volker Weber, 2019-10-04

Some of the things Microsoft showed up, I wish that apple had showed something similar on their last keynote. To me MS is on a much better road to the future. Apple still uses the broken keyboard, and it seems, they don't really care. And much more.

I'm really struggling with myself if my next computer runs OS X. That wasn't a question until 2018-2019. I'm captured in the iCloud with my 90.000 fotos.

Karl Heindel, 2019-10-04

Karl, very similar here.
110.000 photos, but I did not activate iCloud for photos. Instead I keep them on a NAS. Worked fine with Aperture. But now I changed to Fotos App and it has problems with linked photos.
Apple is not convincing enough at their MBP price point to upgrade. I am a little apprehensive that I might buy a Windows machine in the future :o

Tobias Hauser, 2019-10-04

Microsoft has gone a long way indeed:

Felix Binsack, 2019-10-04

Das Video ist tatsächlich lehrreich. Es zeigt sehr schön, wie schwierig es für ein Unternehmen ist, aus einem gelernten Image auszubrechen. Sei es zum besseren oder zum schlechteren. Wir scheinen in der Vergangenheit festzuhängen.

Nina Wittich, 2019-10-06

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