Recording video on iPhone with Bluetooth headset

by Volker Weber


When you record video with your iPhone, your audio track will be quite impressive. Good stereo separation, excellent sound. Getting good results requires good room acoustics though. What do you do if there is a too much reverb or too much background noise. I always wanted to use noise cancelling headset like the excellent Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC pictured above. Yes, the sound is somewhat metallic and processed, but there won't be any background noise or reverb.

Unfortunately you cannot record audio from a Bluetooth connected headset on iPhone. Or can you? Abdelkader provided the missing link. Use a Lightning to USB 3 connector or the USB 2 adapter included in the old Camera Connection Kit, plug in the Plantronics BT600 adapter that usually provides PC connectivity and you are good to go. A PC sees a USB connected audio device and so does the iPhone. And it automatically switches the iPhone camera to this source when you select Video.

Your Plantronics headset needs to be paired with BT 600 but not the iPhone. It does not hurt when it is paired to the iPhone but it does not have to be. The headset will tell you "Phone connected" for the Bluetooth connection and "PC connected" for the BT600. In case you are worried, audio and video are in perfect sync.

Huzzah. Thanks, Abelkader. I wanted this for a very long time.



Was für ein cooler Tipp! Danke. Ausprobieren lohnt sich nach wie vor...

Markus Dierker, 2019-10-11

I have made several video recordings on Iphone X with AirPods connected via Bluetooth as microphone - so "Unfortunately you cannot record audio from a Bluetooth connected headset on iPhone." does not apply to at least AirPods.

Gregory Engels, 2019-10-13

Please let us know how you did that. You can certainly wear AirPods while recording videos, but iPhone is using its internal microphones when doing so. It's pretty easy to check. Just walk away from the iPhone while recording and then tap on the AirPods to see whether those taps register on the video soundtrack.

Volker Weber, 2019-10-14

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