Share music on two headphones from iPhone

by Volker Weber


I never used this new iOS 13 feature before. You can now play music on two headphones at the same time, if they are AirPods and Beats with Apple chipset. Instead of switching between headsets you can mark two at the same time. This is also where I "pull" a headset when it is connected to a different device like my iPad.


Update: This works on both versions of AirPods, W1 or H1 chip. Studio 3 also has the W1 chip, the new Beats switched to H1 as well.


Doesn't work with me. I only can switch between the 2 AirPod pairs. Maybe because one pair is Gen 1. The other pair is a new generation 2 pair.

Volker Butterstein, 2019-10-18

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