Losing your laptop

by Volker Weber

If you leave your devices in a car, make sure they are off and not just sleeping.


We have a company policy. We are not allowed to leave laptop in the car at anytime.

The thiefs go around on parking lots and scan with special devices for battery packs close by. So they find cars with laptops. Also when they are completly shutdown.

I don‘t know what scanners they use. But in USA the police catched a thief doing that at one of our company car.

Philipp Haun, 2019-10-18

If it is a Mac, at least Bluetooth beacons might help you then in finding it again 🤷🏻‍♂️😉


Andreas Kurtz, 2019-10-18

It would be good if there were the possibility to configure the standby behaviour of Bluetooth and WiFi. That would help against those scanners and as a bonus stop my headphones to connect to my MacBook, when it’s closed in my backpack.

Tim Bellinghausen, 2019-10-18

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