Finding your Plantronics Voyager 5200 headset

by Volker Weber


Plantronics has pushed a firmware update to my Voyager 5200 UC which enables it for Find with Tile. Tile is working with other manufactures so their devices can be found on the Tile network. As far as PLT is concerned, only the 5200 and the new 4200 series work with Tile. I expect other headsets to get this update as well. If you can't find the headset, you can make it ring, and it's quite loud. There's nothing to add to the hardware, it's all software-based and uses the headphones existing Bluetooth chip and battery.

The Find with Tile system is designed to link up a lot more stuff, meaning that you can keep track of a whole range of different items, with over 20 partnerships already announced. Tile's aim is to link-up all your devices so that you can easily locate something you lose at home, leave at the gym, on a bus or anywhere else.



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