ruff :: My favorite writing app won a Design Award

by Volker Weber


Ruff’s straightforward brand identity empowers the app’s note-taking users to quickly capture their thoughts in any style. Ruff makes great use of Material Components, especially the bottom sheet and backdrop (which serves as the app’s primary canvas). The blue floating action button and monospaced font add visual interest while taking a refined approach to theming.

While the slightly rounded corners of the bottom sheet help communicate the component’s gestural behavior and let the user know that they can drag up for more content. The UI also allows for simple customization of type size and the choice of a light, dark, or black theme. Prioritizing function and clarity, Ruff’s consistent use of typography, shape, and color create an inviting themed experience.

I do not use the Android app, but there is also a Windows version of ruff, which lets me quickly edit text snippets to be used in my articles. On iOS my favorite writing app is iA Writer.

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Volker Weber, 2019-11-03

Das ist ein Indie Developer, der nicht "mal eben" schnell eine App fuer eine andere Plattform schreibt.

Volker Weber, 2019-11-04

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