Mi Watch :: Oh dear

by Volker Weber

Annotation 2019-11-07 101905
Photo Xiaomi

Xiaomi has gone back to its roots as a purveyor of shameless Apple ripoffs, and hot off the photocopier is the Xiaomi Mi Watch, a new wearable that is decidedly Cupertino-inspired. The Mi Watch is an Apple Watch clone, but the design is pretty much the only thing that's cloned here. You won't get a good SoC, a good operating system, good battery life, good haptics, or a good app ecosystem. From a distance, though, some people might mistake the Mi Watch for an Apple Watch, and maybe that's enough.

The Mi Watch is a Wear OS device powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 3100, a combination that makes any wearable device pretty much dead on arrival. Qualcomm has been neglecting the smartwatch market since basically its inception and has never produced a serious competitor to the chips Samsung and Apple regularly put out.

And that's the end of that. Do not ever buy a Wear OS watch.

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Samsung knows why they do not use Wear OS for their smart watches.

Manfred Wiktorin, 2019-11-07

I'm definitely going to buy it as soon as it goes sub 150€. From some hands on videos, it looks pretty awesome

Panos Alexandrou, 2019-11-08

I bought a Fossil smartwatch last in 2018 and it was the worst experience I had in years. It's the operation system which keeps one frustrated. If you are on Android, try out Garmin or Samsung watches. On iOS, get an Apple Watch. Seriously.

On more thing; Google recently purchased fitbit.Their products don't use Wear OS.

Martin Loeschner, 2019-11-12

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