The only Macbook you should buy today

by Volker Weber

Apple is finally fixing the keyboard by bringing back the scissor mechanism. At 16" the screen is an inch larger, the battery now has 100 watt hours which is the maximum for carry-on, it's a bit thicker and heavier, but it may also be solving thermal issues that hobble the older Macbook Pros. And a little thing: the Escape key and TouchID are now separate from the touch bar.

Now Apple needs to bring this configuration to the smaller Macbooks.


While I'm sure the display is lovely, I can't help but feel the resolution is not where it could be (although admittedly more pixels can lead to more power consumption) in an age where 4K displays (with touch!) on similar size high-end machines are becoming normal. But kudos for them bringing back a keyboard that sucks less and making the Escape key physical again.

Richard Albury, 2019-11-13

Endlich, geht doch. GSD hat mein 2013er MBP lange genug gehalten.

Sami Bahri, 2019-11-13

Finally a half-decent successor to our trusted 17" unibody MacBook Pro built in 2009. It only took Apple about 10 years to come to their senses... The major downside of the device is still the total lack of any upgradability whatsoever, which really saddens me.

Our old MacBook Pro was upgraded from 2GB to 4GB and finally to the maximum of 8GB RAM and from a 320GB HDD first to a 500GB SSD, which was later replaced by a 1TB SDD and last year by a 2TB SSD without the slightest problem. All of these were standard components and DIY replacement was as easy as unscrewing the bottom and dropping in the new parts. Today, the MacBook is still running fine in its 10th year, only the battery is rather dead (but still working).

I would not expect to get even remotely the same lifespan out of the new device. To me, this massively contradicts Apples „environmentally friendly“ claims by enforcing this kind of planned obsolescence through soldered crucial components.

Jörg Weske, 2019-11-13

@ Sami: same here. (Will allerdings noch warten, bis – wie Volker ja auch andeutet – das Ganze auf 13" verkleinert wird.)

Hanjo Iwanowitsch, 2019-11-13

@Sami: Same here, I am the last one in the family with such an old model. Today ordered the 16". Delivery end of November, two more weeks.

Dirk Mueller, 2019-11-13

Fully with you, Jörg. Have stocked up on the 17" models before they went off the shelves, and managed to Mojave them. Will look into the 16" but feel Apple is screwing customers (bait and switch with the XR offer for my 6S plus is not forgotten!). May be tempted by the 16er, though.

Armin Roth, 2019-11-13

Ich finde die letzten Modelle von Microsoft überzeugender. Bisher hat sich bei jedem meiner Macbook Pro nach 3-4 Jahren der Akku aufgebläht und es wird gefühlt immer komplizierter das Gehäuse zu öffnen.
Aber Apple hat zugegeben einige Schwachstellen behoben.

Henning Heinz, 2019-11-14

Für mich ist das auch keine Option. Zu teuer, kann zu wenig. Aber es gibt Leute, die wollen ein Macbook und sonst nichts. Und die können jetzt wieder was gescheites kaufen.

Volker Weber, 2019-11-14

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