A long Razr day in London

by Volker Weber


Went to London yesterday to check out the Motorola Razr. It is stunning how well it is designed and how it folds a substantial smartphone into a tiny package.

I wrote two pieces yesterday, one for heise online and one for Spiegel Online. While heise online is easy for me, I am still finding the right tone for Spiegel. Much of the excitement from my original manuscript is gone, since I tried to copy my editor's style. This will get better.

You know how much I love collaboration. How everything works better if you put your heads together. So I was Marco Dettweiler's camera man, and he was mine.

When our work was finished, Marco and I walked the City of London until it was time to head home. I always love being in London. What a great day.

If you did not catch my drift: Razr is a great device.



Witzig, habe den Spiegel Artikel aber dabei den Namen des Autors überlesen :-)
Und London? einfach ne tolle Stadt!

Roland Dressler, 2019-11-19

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