An Epidemic of AI Misinformation

by Volker Weber

The media is often tempted to report each tiny new advance in a field, be it AI or nanotechnology, as a great triumph that will soon fundamentally alter our world. Occasionally, of course, new discoveries are underreported. The transistor did not make huge waves when it was first introduced, and few people initially appreciated the full potential of the Internet. But for every transistor and Internet, there are thousands or tens of thousands of minor results that are overrreported, products and ideas that never materialized, purported advances like cold fusion that have not been replicated, and experiments that lie on blind alleys that don't ultimately reshape the world, contrary to their enthusiastic initial billing.

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You may want to read the comments, too. People like Bollinger and others have quite an insight into the problem.

Christian Tillmanns, 2019-12-02

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