At war with a teenager

by Volker Weber


Here is the most powerful man in the world, at war with a 16 y/o teenager, for months on end.

And he is losing.



Since a genius such as DT surely only recommends things he has done himself, I conclude that he either hasn't found any movies or ran out of friends to watch them with ... just sayin'

Stefan Heinz, 2019-12-17

I stopped watching, Listeneinstellung of DT messages; we give him the room he doesn’t deserve …

Michael Renner, 2019-12-17

Thinking DT is fighting with "just a 16 year old teenager" is a bit naive. It's rather a well oiled and funded campaign with a teenage figurehead he is up against. That does not make DT look less stupid, but puts things into perspective.

Andreas Eldrich, 2019-12-17

The guy is still in office and has a realistic outlook to having a second term. He made the US give up its leadership position in the world, paralyzed the EU, weakened NATO, killed the climate accord and set us all back for years if not centuries of progress in international relations. All while filling his pockets and those of his cronies. And he will most likely walk away from this unharmed.

The guy is weak and a joke, but he is doing what he promised to do. That isn't losing.

Hanno Zulla, 2019-12-17

@Michael, I quite agree. The world's press would do us a great service if they stopped parroting every idiotic tweet from DT. He thrives on publicity - we need to cut off the supply!

John Keys, 2019-12-17

Andreas, I can only hope this would be a well-funded campaign. Where does the money come from?

Volker Weber, 2019-12-17

I meant to say decades, not centuries.

Although it does feel like a throwback to the style of international relations back before the 1940s, when nations went to war because one King just had to respond to a slight from another King to "defend" the nation's honour.

We had been told that democracy, norms, institutions and international treaties were a containment for impulsive leaders of the past with their flimsy egos and who would start wars based on silly insults.

Yet all we need is one fluke election in the US and it all goes down the grinder and now here we are again.

Hanno Zulla, 2019-12-17

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