Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with E-ink cover

by Volker Weber


Today, Lenovo unveiled the latest ThinkBook designed for the next generation workforce. ThinkBook Plus features an innovative e-Ink cover display that helps users be more productive when multitasking by improving focus, collaboration and creativity. Featuring a 13.3-inch FHD main display and a 10.8-inch e-ink display on the cover, on which users can create illustrations and diagrams with the integrated Lenovo Precision Pen and receive essential notifications when the lid is closed allowing them to stay focused during meetings.

Looks like a ThinkBook 13s with a large Kindle cover, only that you can draw on it. The Yoga Book C930 had a similar display as a keyboard replacement and that was rather weird. This one looks more interesting.

Looks like it is going to USB-C charging because the charging port on the left side is gone, while the rest of the ports remain the same: full size HDMI, USB-C, headset. I cannot see the other side in any photo. On the 13s there are two USB-A on the right side.

ThinkBook Plus is supposed to be available in March and start at $1199.


"be more productive when multitasking by improving focus, collaboration and creativity."

Das halte ich für ein Oxymoron.

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2020-01-07

This smacks of being a cool feature for cool features sake… I fail to see the valid use-case here. If you want notifications use your mobile device or watch. As Lucius says, the idea of yet another interruption vector seems at odds with being "more productive"!

Ben Poole, 2020-01-07

The press release is extremely misleading. And I do see your point.

This is designed to let you take notes or read books without going into the full Windows. As such it does keep the distractions away. You can however get *essential* notifications like your next meeting for instance.

I am not sure if this is useful at all, but I will give it a try nevertheless. After being hesitant about the ThinkBook at first, I now like it a lot.

Volker Weber, 2020-01-07

My comment was just about the press release which I think is pure marketing nonsense.

However, to me the product itself looks very interesting. Monochrome ink screens are so much less distracting and with this device the notebook is always at hand.

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2020-01-07

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