Microsoft dropped Gmail alias support from Outlook 4.21.0 on iOS

by Volker Weber


This is a very weird regression. Outlook on iOS supports using an alias to your Gmail address, but it is gone in 4.21.0. I am being told it exists again in 4.22.0 which is currently in beta. I cannot try it myself since the beta is full.

You set the alias in Advanced Settings for your gmail account. This panel is gone as well.



Still there in 4.23 which just landed on TF. So no obvious reason for removal.

Kambiz Larizadeh, 2020-01-28

I have 4.21.0 - just added my address. In the gmail settings I have "Erweiterte Einstellungen" where I can add alias email addresses to this gmail account - and this alias is working aas designed...

Bernd Schuster, 2020-01-28

Thanks for your email. Interestingly enough, you are missing other settings.

And just for clarification, both my iPad and iPhone show the same defect.

Volker Weber, 2020-01-28

I removed my Gmail account and re-added it. Nothing changes.

Then I removed Outlook, installed it from the store, added my Gmail account. Now I can set the alias address. Looks like the data store is somehow broken.

Volker Weber, 2020-01-28

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