Walking Is Medicine :: Harry J. Stead

by Volker Weber

In nature you leave yourself behind, you are nobody in the woods. When faced with a particular difficulty I find it is always healthier just to get out of the house and go for a walk, rather than trying to force the answer. For in the repetition of walking you empty yourself out, you free yourself from opinion and expectation, and embody once again man’s innate character; and in this state of emptiness your mind begins to clear — and then the gods descend to you and fill in the void with the knowledge and guidance that you were impatient for. It is freedom of movement which stimulates the mind and brings forth divine revelations and wisdom. A free body is a free mind; which is why, I suppose, the powers that be prefer that we sit in offices and cubicles day and night, so that we are made forever stupid and loyal customers.

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