Switching to Signal

by Volker Weber

The EU commission tells staff to switch to Signal:

The use of Signal was mainly recommended for communications between staff and people outside the institution. The move to use the application shows that the Commission is working on improving its security policies.

Promoting the app, however, could antagonize the law enforcement community.

There isn't a week where not at least one of my contacts get on Signal. I now have around 200 active Signal users in my contact list, mostly because of my mail footer and the fact that I don't answer my phone very often:


Signal is my secure channel. Telegram is the convenient alternative, since you don't need my phone number. For me it is convenient, because it runs on all my devices. Not giving out your phone number also makes Telegram a very good choice for group chats like vowe's magic flying circus. (Do not enter without a photo and your full name, unless you want to be banned.)

Signal runs on one device only and while it works like WhatsApp, its main focus is security. If you want to use it on your iPad or your desktop, there is an application which talks to your main device.

Yes, I deleted my WhatsApp account and removed the app. No, it won't be as easy for you as it was for me. But somebody has to lead so others can follow.


Excellent tip about the link to Signal in your signature. Implemented here as well

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2020-02-25

I see the same trend, strong increase of number of contacts showing up on Signal and Telegram - some here, some there, few on both.

As long as I still have a few use cases where WhatsApp is still needed, I advertise the move to Signal also in my WA status. I don’t know whether anyone even looks at that, but it also doesn’t do any harm.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2020-02-25

I think the trend is strong. Most new contacts message me on Telegram or Signal. WhatsApp has become the exception.

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2020-02-26

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