Samsung Galaxy S10 gets a big update

by Volker Weber


As I am about to return the Galaxy S10 to Samsung it is getting a huge update. Not only does it update the software to the newest Android security level, two days before the nominal date, it also adds a ton of features:


The most interesting one I will try tomorrow is Single Take, a feature that was introduced with the Galaxy S20. And there is a lot more.

The S10 has completely changed my view on Samsung phones. Software updates to the latest security patch were always on time and faster than any of my Android One devices, I was able to make it work almost like a vanilla Android device and its quality is on par with the latest iPhone. Well done, Samsung!

Looking forward to trying the S20.


I am also surprised about the new features at my s10e. If i would upgrade i would chose s20+ with tof sensor.
Also new is the ar zone and you can see where the future will go. Product placement of furniture, kitchen stuff, paintings etc. Maybe a cooperation with Ikea? Also product ar with sun glases like ray ban etc. Everything is prepared right now any the chess figures are set.
Spacial anchor development/integration is therefore a quiet interesting field and relative mature....we will see.

Lukas Gerlich, 2020-03-31

In China these updates are delayed by 1 month. While this is not Sammy's fault, adverts in my notifications menu are.

S10e was a solid purchase, but I find the fingerprint scanner on the side too small. I am missing FaceID a lot. Also the stainless steel on the iPhone is superior to the aluminium frame.

Anyhow, can't wait for the single take feature to arrive.

@vowe how do you store photos across devices and OSes?

Maximilian von Hulewicz, 2020-03-31

In mask bearing times, touchId beats FaceId by an arm length

Stephan Wissel, 2020-03-31

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