Work as Talk? The Problem with Both Zoom and Teams :: Michael Sampson

by Volker Weber

Group size in many of the video meeting pictures is another area for deep concern. Sharing a picture of a Zoom meeting with 12 coworkers isn’t a badge of honour; it’s a sign of insanity. Effective groups are small enough to produce, but not too large to inflict diminishing returns on deliberations, decisions and forward-action. Three or four is a good number. Five to seven can work well in some situations if you have to. But anything approaching 10 or more reveals a lack of task structure, trust and accountability. There are just too many people, and as group size gets larger, it’s the free-riders, know-it-alls, and talk-much-but-do-little people who join to the detriment of group task, cohesion and culture. I think Microsoft had it right in Teams with a maximum of four people only showing per video screen: it was an app set up for effective task group sizes.

Excellent post by Michael Sampson on LinkedIn on out broken work culture.

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Ein Jitsi-Meeting von 10-15 Grundschülern (1. Klasse), keiner „on mute“, ist eine interessante Erfahrung, wie ich kürzlich feststellen konnte.
Denke die Lehrkraft tendiert beim nächsten Mal zu einer kleineren Gruppe. :-)

Karsten Lehmann, 2020-05-01

Thanks for sharing this Volker.

Michael Sampson, 2020-05-01

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