COVID-19 Futures, Explained With Playable Simulations

by Volker Weber

This guide (published May 1st, 2020. click this footnote!→1) is meant to give you hope and fear. To beat COVID-19 in a way that also protects our mental & financial health, we need optimism to create plans, and pessimism to create backup plans. As Gladys Bronwyn Stern once said, "The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute."

So, buckle in: we're about to experience some turbulence.

This is a phantastic resource. Take you time to read and understand what is going on in the world. It will help you understand the plan to get out of this mess and why you don't need to trust Apple and Google.

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[Thanks, Olav]


I wish the RKI (Robert-Koch-Institut) or other recently often heard experts would have communicated in this way and with this fantastic performance.

Kurt Glasner, 2020-05-02

Now we need a german translation.

Oliver Stör, 2020-05-02

VEEERRRYY interesting. Thanks for posting. Haven't seen anything like this in German or Spanish up till now.

John Keys, 2020-05-02

Thanks for posting, very interesting breakdown.

Maikel Maes, 2020-05-03

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