Apple releases new AirPods Pro firmware

by Volker Weber


Installation is automatic, when AirPods are connected to your device and being recharged. You can check if it is already installed by going to Settings, General, About and then into your AirPods Pro.

I haven't noticed any differences in performance or behaviour. Read lots of speculation elsewhere on The Intenets.


I think
"Optimized power usage when in background mind-control mode" is the best.

Craig Wiseman, 2020-05-07

Thanks for the info – I was starting to doubt my own sanity.

After charging my AirPods Pro at work inside their case two days ago, they sounded completely different when I used them on my trip home. They must have silently updated then from the previous version 2B588.

Now I no longer recognized them, they have suddenly turned from what used to be my absolute favourite pair of portable headphones into an acoustic abomination worse than any random $30 pair of BT in-ears.

There now is a constant low-frequency rumble in both, ANC and hear-through mode to a degree that I simply cannot bear to listen to anything with these formerly almost immaculate pieces of technology anymore.

I am sad and outraged at the same time.

I truly hope Apple fixes this soon, as – of course – there is no downgrade path. When Apple recalled the last firmware update (2C54) that apparently was plagued with much the same issue I am experiencing now, they offered to physically exchange affected devices. Even that seems impossible now, as the new update has not been recalled and would silently install on the next opportunity.


Jörg Weske, 2020-05-07

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