What happens next with your Sonos setup

by Volker Weber

In four weeks Sonos will release a new client and a new operating system for existing players. Let's call the existing platform S1 and the new one S2.

You will no like this split setup. In the long run, you can either get rid of the legacy players and advance to S2 or stay forever on S1. I have given away all legacy players, so I will be moving on to S2. What is your plan?


I have been very, very hesitant to buy into the sonos ecosystem any more since quite some time, because of the way they acted. It started when they cut you off but continued steadily. Because I hesitated to modernize, I am completely on S1 hardware.

I might go somewhere else altogether, echo studio might be worth a try. I am aware that this is in another league, entirely (and not better, no). But my ears are not getting any better and might not hear the difference.

Hubert Stettner, 2020-05-11

S1 remains the Sonos OS and App in my household until I understand the true value of the planned personalization features and the higher resolution audio technologies. Both no USPs for Trade up and S2.

Michael Kieß, 2020-05-11

What Michael says. Players are mixed, household will remain on S1 for the time being.

Natanael Mignon , 2020-05-11

Obvious for me, too, no S1 hardware...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2020-05-11

I have a Play:5.
I will wait and see, until then S1.

Jean-Marc Autexier, 2020-05-11

Many thoughts on this

Sonos managed pretty well to keep their ecosystem stable for (let me guess) since 15 years -- which is really a looong period in IT/Entertainment. That is appx. the time i started buying into their eco system with now >10 devices. I observed devices on ebay. They *used* to be stable in prices, which was another good indicator on quality to me.

With respect to their recend update policy: Sonos has lost me as a loyal customer, i am not following and stopped recommending. I will stay with S1s. If it is true what you are explaining, this means there is no multiroom between S1 and S2 devices possible. Wasn't that _the_ competive edge?

On the other hand I might even consider and observe some really low-price bargains of S1s on ebay. i feel i have not even exhausted what i have in terms of features.

Sascha Cutic, 2020-05-11

Five players, all are S2 „compatible“. I would be okay staying in S1, cause all I ever wanted ,I have now (well, the Plex integration could be better, but I do not complain)

Gregory Engels, 2020-05-11

Every Sonos component I own is S2 ready. I always sell gadgets when it becomes clear they will become obsolete. Sonos components are an easy sell - demand for used Sonos gear is strong - always has been. Playbar (which I love) will be sold as soon as Arc is there. Sonos hardware support and longevity is stellar compared to almost every other gadget I own(ed). There‘s no better solution for the living room as far as I‘m concerned.

Markus Dierker, 2020-05-11

I've upgraded one Connect:Amp to the new Amp, now everything is S2 ready, hoping for many more years of service.

Ulli Mueller, 2020-05-11

My remaining two S1 devices moved into other rooms, where they can keep on S1 while the house moves to S2.

Martin Hiegl, 2020-05-12

My oversaturated Sonos home environment remains on S1, with ~30% legacy devices. Very stable WM:0 system controlled with Boost (in opposite to a short try with WM: 1, with 3 access points). Multiroom capability is essential, mainly controlled over desktop client. Typical usage: TuneIn, TV sound, PC speaker, huge music library. No streaming at all. Main listening focus also on high quality headphones with dedicated amps on DA converters attached to Connects (ZP80).

Henrik Müller, 2020-05-12

When the recycling announcement came I did not like this move by Sonos, at all.
The main reason to stay with Sonos was living room 5.1 that is integrated with the music distribution in the rest of the house, in one app. We do not want huge speakers in the living room and are happy with the wireless rears.
A split into two different apps would have broken the integration part. So I somewhat grudgingly swapped out my two Play:5. One for a Beam, the other spot remains open.
I will swap the Playbar for an Arc and hope to get ten years out of the renewed setup.

Tobias Hauser, 2020-05-12

Mostly S1 devices, playing TuneIn & Deezer - I will probably stay on S1, no need for more features than I have already...

Tom Weeghmans, 2020-05-12

With only S1 Devices, I will stay at S1 until these Devices fall apart :) Just listening to music, listening to Stero-TV (no Dolby things...)

Maybe I start searching for used S1 devices to get some more speakers in here.

I did not follow the new Products, so I do not know what additional Features they would deliver - but honestly, I do not care at all because nothing is missing at the moment.

Harald Reisinger, 2020-05-12

The discussion about S1 and S2 somehow reminds me of Apple´s change from 30-Pin-Connector to Lightning. People would complain "how dare you, changing the cable" and tend to forget how stable some manufaturers, who care about their customers, are in the evolution of their products. So has Apple with the 30-Pin-Connetor, as well as Sonos with their software-support on all of their devices.
But at some point it is absolutely necessary to change things in order to evolve. Sonos has done pretty well dealing with the hardware restrictions of their older devices, an now the point has come where more "power" is needed - that´s evolution!

To answer vowe´s question: Sincerely, there is nothing I really miss by now (or as far as I understand on S1). But since my oldest device is a Play:1, that still will be suported by S2, it is very likely that I will move to S2.

Jorge Reis Pires, 2020-05-12

Ich werde wohl auf S2 wechseln, obwohl ich nicht weiß, welche neuen Funktionen mich überhaupt erwarten. Bin mit "S1" aktuell im Prinzip ganz zufrieden.

Moritz Petersen, 2020-05-12

I kicked out all legacy players (well, it was one). I would be very happy if S2 would support Tidal with either HiFi or even Master quality.

Ingo Seifert, 2020-05-12

It turned out that for us there is no benefit with multi room. We have 3 rooms "Sonos'ed" and they are completely distinct. Never anybody want to control the other room or have same music inmore than one room. So we are fine with S1 until they beak down, I guess.

Helmut Weiss, 2020-05-12

Warum nicht einfach zurück zu richtigen Standboxen und intelligenten Zuspielern? Kann man sich auch selbst mit Raspberry Pi und Max2Play.com zum Beispiel basteln, oder mit einem angeschlossenen Echo Dot. Klingt besser.

Christian Just, 2020-05-12

Nein, klingt nicht besser. Habe den direkten Vergleich.

Volker Weber, 2020-05-12

Christian, bei uns sprechen die Standboxen gegen die Standboxen ;)
Dafür gäbe es hier keine Baugenehmigung.
Klanglich bin ich mit einer Playbar auch zufrieden.

Tobias Hauser, 2020-05-12

I'll be staying on S1 for the foreseeable future. I mostly just listen to Spotify and like Hubert, my ears won't notice any slight improvements that there might be.

John Keys, 2020-05-12

I think I can live with the planned situation.
Luckily from my usage-point I already have two zones.
The Connect in the living room, connected to a Hifi/Home Cinema Receiver with non-sonos stand-alone speakers, and the other rooms, bedroom (Play:5 S2), Bathroom (Play:1), Kitchen (2 Play:1 Paired as Stereo)
Those two "zones", or combination of players, are near never used together, so splitting off the living rooms connect shouldn't in fact bother my usages.

If that works out that way that is surprisingly pleasant, compared to assumptions after announcements by sonos from half a year ago

Torsten Pinkert, 2020-05-13

S2 is here

Go to Configuration / System / Check for updates
After the update you´ll find a different icon which says [Sonos S1]

Run it and do a compatibility check under System.
In case of success, S2 will be available for download.

Bernd Fellerhoff, 2020-06-08

Mehr zu S2:


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Bernd Fellerhoff, 2020-06-08

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