Building stuff with Lego

by Volker Weber





Uwe Papenfuss, 2020-05-16

That is a very good example how helpful it is to have some "generic materials" to build your own helpers - with a way lower entrance bar than a 3D printer has!
I only miss the support of the market: Lego could sell their building blocks piece by piece in all colors - to attract also people with grown-up kids etc. That would be really nice (also for the people WITH kids and a very special need for a specific block... :-)).

Alexander Schmalzhaf, 2020-05-17

@Alexander: Sowohl im Online-Shop als auch in den ganzen Stores kann man die Steine einzeln kaufen - oder habe ich Dich missverstanden?

Markus Jabs, 2020-05-18

Der wohl bekannteste Shop -> (kürzlich von Lego aufgekauft)

Christian Henseler, 2020-05-18

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