The big challenge #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber


This was really challenging. Apple kept dialing up the challenges but I was in good health and got them all in. The easier part was doing perfect months (on all three rings 600/30/12):



Last challenge July 32300 kcal - check
currently 880/12/30 - average training minutes 67

Thx Volker for the motivation

Stefan Niemeier, 2020-07-31

Agree that perfect months on all three is easy; I had that one again in July. My August challenge - 243,927 kilojoules, or 58,300 kcal.

Michael Sampson, 2020-08-01

Started closing rings 5 Weeks ago and got my first perfect Month. As we (wife an me) purchased the watches in October last year (not with intention of fitness), we can compare our normal live as couch potatoes with with new habit of closing rings every day. Very interesting.

But found a strange thing today:
in settings / health of our iphones we see 2 watches. One entry has no data. The other has a lot of data, but shows as "not connected".
We never had other Devices as that we have today.
iPhone with IOS 13.6
Any idea, why?

Hans Giesers, 2020-08-01

Congratulations. For me - i have tried - it does not work, as I do not wear the watch everyday and that I find a real downside. Even if the phone is in your pocket and you move and the phone records the steps and could probably also sense that you stood up every hour, you can not close the rings, unless you have the watch on your wrist.

I would be very happy if you told me I was wrong and there is a setting in the activity app that solves my problem.

Thomas Nowak, 2020-08-02

@Thomas - you have a basic understanding of how the watch works and how it measures the parameters?

Armin Auth, 2020-08-02

@Armin: I think yes. Now what?

My point is: activity is recorded in the activity app by the watch. For the Move and exercise goals, I can close rings also via other apps and the phone. for "Stand" I can not. I find that illogical considering that it should very well be possible to move a counter by "+1" if I, for example, the phone collects steps or another app provides data on me being active (running, cycling etc) within a given hour.


Thomas Nowak, 2020-08-02

@Thomas, I am not sure that you know how this works. Standing is detected by the watch by yourself moving your arms in a standing position. However, I can stand on my desk in the office in a telco and though not get the credit for the hour when the watch is not detecting the typical movement pattern. That is something your phone could potentially also do, except that Apple has not implemented it. Get over it.

Armin Auth, 2020-08-02

Thomas, why do you not wear the watch?

Volker Weber, 2020-08-02

I started closing the rings on 24th April so I am now at 115. I do not seem to be getting the perfect Months Badges though for some reason. To be honest that is secondary to the reason I am doing it but it would be nice. :-)

John Lindsay, 2020-08-17

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