Jabra Elite 75t und Elite Active 75t nun mit aktiver Geräuschunterdrückung

by Volker Weber


Das ist großartig. Jabra Elite 75t und Elite Active 75t bekommen Active Noise Cancelling als Update nachgeliefert. Das heißt, wer die drahtlosen Earbuds schon hat, kriegt jetzt kostenlos eine neue Funktion nachgeliefert. Die Bedienung ist denkbar einfach: Der Knopfdruck, der vorher Hearthrough geschaltet hat, schaltet nun zwischen drei Zuständen um: ANC, Hearthrough und Aus.

In den nächsten Tagen teste ich auch die neuen Jabra Elite 85t, die ANC schon eingebaut haben.

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Welche Firmware-Version bekommst Du bei den 75t angezeigt?

Mark Dörbandt, 2020-10-21

2.0.0 (1033)

Release Notes unter dem More Link

Volker Weber, 2020-10-21

Bei mir noch 1.31.0 (1033), obwohl ich die App v4. habe (unter Android 10 auf Samsung A50). Na mal schauen, vielleicht kommt das Update ja bald.

Mark Dörbandt, 2020-10-21


I tried a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4's the other day and I had an epiphany similar to the one I had when I got my first Sonos speaker, probably more so. It was like having a new pair of ears.

I'm driving myself nuts trying to decide what headphones I should buy. The Sony's lack of water resistance isn't a good fit for weather in England!

Perhaps I should get a pair for inside and a pair of wireless in-ears for walking. I do have a set of wired Sony's which are quite good despite the wires.

Do you have any recommendations? Thank you :-)

Jason Hook, 2020-10-21

My advice would be to not buy headphones. You will aways need n+1. :-)

I have now tried very many headphones and I can tell you there isn't one that does everything. The AirPods Pro come very close and it is of no surprise that they top the headphones charts. But they absolutely suck when you make a phone call outdoors because they pick up more surrounding noise than your voice.

But there is one piece of advice across all devices. I would avoid headphones with touch interfaces. If you only want one pair of headphones that does everything but sports, that would be the Jabra Elite 85h. That includes foul weather protection.

Volker Weber, 2020-10-21

Just update mine, great improvement.

Vitor Pereira, 2020-10-21

kam dann heute Abend... prima!

Mark Dörbandt, 2020-10-22

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