Announcing Multi-Geo coverage in Germany and Norway

by Volker Weber

We are excited to announce the availability of Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo in Germany and Norway! With the addition of these two countries, you can now extend your Microsoft 365 tenant to store your users’ Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online data in one or more of our 15 available geographies: ... Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo enables customers to reduce their on-premises footprint and meet data residency obligations by allocating user data at rest to our available geo locations in the Microsoft 365 cloud, all within a single tenant.

This enables you to store data on a per user basis in their own country without requiring multiple tenants.

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Strange idea of geography at Microsoft - the EU is listed as a geography, and France and Germany are listed separately...

John Keys, 2020-10-29

Depending on data and industry this view makes sense.

Sven Richert, 2020-10-29

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