Jabra Firmware 1.2.13 for Evolve2 85

by Volker Weber


Two new features:

The Jabra Evolve2 85 is a top-of-of-the-line headset with active noise cancelling (ANC) for conference calls. USB Audio support is very welcome because it removes Bluetooth from the connection for improved audio. You can also connect the headset with a 3.5 mm cable.

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Thanks for hint. I tried to update, but:
On Windows: Jabra Direct said, no update available, even when I have been on 1.0.* :-(
On Jabra Sound+ app: Head-set could be upgraded, dongle not available (of course)
On Mac: Jabra Direct said, available firmware 1.9 for dongle is corrupt :-(
Maybe wait with dongle update until os software is updated.

Gabor Pribil, 2020-11-02

@Gabor – Jabra’s firmware is super confusing. You need to get the exact firmware version (UC or MS) and USB type (USB-A or USB-C) for your headset, dongle and charging stand. I only had success by downloading the proper firmware ZIP file (do not extract it) then run the updater (on macOS hidden under /Applications/JabraSDKV2/Jabra Firmware Updater.app and select the downloaded firmware ZIP (there is a “Browse” button to the right of the Jabra logo) from the updater app. Also important: Updates only work for me, if the headset or charging stand are directly connected to my iMac – via Bluetooth or my Thunderbolt dock nothing happens. Bonus tipp: temporarily disable dark mode – the contrast in the updater app is very low.

Nevertheless those Jabra headsets are worth every penny – great recommendation by Vowe.

Yves Luther, 2020-11-02

Fantastic hints, Yves, even the one with dark mode ;-)
Unbelievable what needs to be done in order to update firmware.
The ZIP has only be accepted by downloading via Windows and USB-transfered to Mac.

Gabor Pribil, 2020-11-02

Life is a lot easier on Windows. One click, done. No downloads, nothing.

Volker Weber, 2020-11-02

Kann man das Headset eigentlich auch mit der Sound+ App auf das eigene Gehör einmessen?

Daniel Naumann, 2020-11-08

Das geht nur bei Elite 40h, 75t und 85t. Wegen 85h habe ich nachgefragt und gelernt, dass die Hardware-Plattform das nicht kann. Neuere Elite werden es alle können. Bei Evolve ist das Thema anscheinend für Jabra derzeit nicht akut.

Volker Weber, 2020-11-08

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