Moving Keenai from old iPhone to new iPhone

by Volker Weber


I have two eyefi SD cards that I love dearly because they make my workflow at lot easier in those rare cases when I use one of my Fujifilm cameras. How do you get photos from the camera to an iPhone or iPad?

The eyefi cards present themselves as a wireless access point to which you connect. It's not a straightforward password + filesystem approach. You have to use the eyefi mobi app which installs a profile on your phone. This profile contains the credentials, and you need to use the same app to transfer the photos. Not very convenient but a lot better than using dongles and cables.

Eyefi went bust a long time ago. Ricoh bought them and tried a restart as the photo service subscription Keenai. That went bust again and this year the app disappeared from the app store completely. Yes, it was no longer in My Purchases. I did not notice until I migrated from the iPhone 11 Pro to the iPhone 12 Pro. The new iPhone told me it was unable to migrate the app because it was no longer in the store.

That is of course kind of backwards, because here it was, just a few centimeters away, on the other iPhone. I somehow had to get it across. What do you do? #followerpower on Twitter. That was the winnner:

I installed the free version of iMazing, extracted the app from the old iPhone and added it to the new iPhone. It first needs to make a full backup before it can grab the app, but that just took a bit of time (90 minutes). When installing the app on the new iPhone I had to go out on a limb. iMazing needs you to remove the Find My Phone setting and then restores the app. When the iPhone restarts you are presented with the same dialog as with a new iPhone and I was worried that I might have lost everything else. But then I didn't. Everything was still there, and Keenai was added to the phone.

Apple, why does this have to be so complicated? You own all the parts, I own the app. Why can't you just move those 3 megabytes over?

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 15.24.13.png


I suspect they are not fulfilling apples requirements like building for the latest iOS. Intention is to motivate developers to keep app current, but that does not work obviously. So this is very similar to your discussion about DRM ... 10 years ago?

Volker Jürgensen, 2020-11-28

Yes, similar. Nobody has been developing the app for quite a while, but it still works. Eventually it will no longer work, but I am trying to squeeze as much life out of those cards as I can. They were rather cheap and can be replaced by a similar solution, if that is still available.

Volker Weber, 2020-11-28

iMazing war meine ich auch einmal Teil des Setapp Lineups. Gut zu lesen, dass es auch in der Free Version klappt.

Johannes Roling, 2020-12-01

Can you please upload that backup of app?

Milan Zekic, 2021-03-24

Backups cannot be transferred between Apple IDs. Also, the app stops working with iOS 14.5.

Volker Weber, 2021-03-26

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