Walk with us #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber


Here is your challenge if you choose to accept it. Close all three rings on your Apple Watch. Start today and earn this award for completing it. After you win this award you keep going. And then, everything changes:

After you completed the whole month, this has become a new way of life. Apple will start throwing new challenges. Sometime you meet your goals, sometimes you don't. But come rain or sunshine, you close your rings. Every single day.




Yes, fully agree. It makes life so much better. I started closing March 13th. Sometimes it is tough to not stop for a day. It helps a lot to have someone joining you. So one day you pull, the other day you are being pulled. But you don’t stop...

Jens Nullmeyer, 2021-01-01

Challenge accepted!

Andy Jakopec, 2021-01-01

Einen perfekten Monat hatte ich leider noch nicht. Bissher hatte ich aus verschiedenen Gründen immer den ein oder anderen Ausreißer, aber ich arbeite daran.

Christian Otti Ott, 2021-01-01

It's amazing how these stupid rings force you to get off your ass!!

David Bailey, 2021-01-01

My badges look somewhat different, since I use a Garmin watch, but I am absolutely fascinated by them. I look at them - and they do not do a single thing for me. Clearly, they must mean a lot to many people, since they are pushed and promoted so extensively. If my watch thinks I should do 10000 steps in a day, I am perfectly content to go to bed on 9992 steps.
I still ran a comfortable 1000+ kilometers in 2020, it's not that I am not motivated to move. And I assume I have a similar motivation than most of us here - it's just that the badges and challenges don't seem to work on me.

Marc Gerges, 2021-01-01

Here Apple set the challange target so it would require a 200%-Badge every single Day. That would need 3 hours of training a day.
That wasn´t possible in November. It is impossible this month.

Challenge denied.

Not so motivating starting this new year.

Will just look on getting a perfect month, including a few 200%-Badges at Weekends.

Hans Giesers, 2021-01-01

The challenges are sometimes stupid. I am closing all rings, and if I meet the challenge, fine.

Marc, whatever works for you.

Volker Weber, 2021-01-01

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