Moving from WhatsApp to Signal

by Volker Weber

Signal is end-to-end encrypted and collects only a tiny amount of personal information. But there’s more to it than that – these are the privacy and security settings you need to change

John has sent me a link to this excellent Wired UK story. Thanks!

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I finally convinced all my important contacts to move to Signal, deleted my WhatsApp account (which felt good), and now Signal is down and I can't send messages to anyone.

Is anyone else experiencing problems?

Pedro Meireles, 2021-01-15

Signal heute so:
"Signal hat derzeit technische Schwierigkeiten. Wir arbeiten hart daran, den Betrieb so schnell wie möglich wiederherzustellen"

Andreas Schleth, 2021-01-15

Kris sagt: 20x User binnen drei Tagen.

Volker Weber, 2021-01-15

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