Messengers by the numbers

by Volker Weber


Google Play Store displays the number of downloads in two numbers per order of magnitude. 1 M, 5 M, 10 M, 50 M, 100 M etc. If you look at those numbers, you get a rough estimate of the size of a messenger network.

WhatsApp ist ten times larger than Telegram, which is ten times larger than Signal. Threema barely registers. Facebook is very worried about Telegram, and Signal is growing at an exceptional pace (20-fold in 3 days).


Signals growing is amazing. Many of my contacts at leas installed Signal in the past few days. Even more than moved to Telegram.

If Threema would be free of charge like the others that would raise the number of downloads and theyre market share as well. Sadly it isn't free.

Yves Menge, 2021-01-17

Can’t wait to see the numbers in 1month, 6 months, 12 months from now.

Stephan Bohr, 2021-01-17

Line 500M, Weibo 10M, QQ 10M - target audience has no access to the play store
BW Messenger 10k, Element 100k - Matrix is set as official messenger for the french gov. so it seems as they found another way to deploy their clients.

Kai Nehm, 2021-01-21

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